A cat café?

Cat cafés started in Asia in the 90s due to small apartment sizes and landlords that didn't allow pets in residences. Cat cafés allowed people to interact with cats in a home-like setting without the long term responsibilities. In the past decade, hundreds have sprouted all over the world and the trend has spread throughout Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Europe and the Middle East. 

How does it work?

At Meow Parlour, you can:

  •  rent time to relax with our free roaming cats. You can come for as little as half an hour so you can just pet the cats or stay for up to five hours where you can use our free wi-fi while a cat naps next to you. (Reservations are recommended.) 

  • purchase food or beverages from Macaron Parlour and enjoy a sweet treat in the company of a furry friend.
  • adopt a cat. We are also an adoption group and all of our cats are adoptable through our nonprofit division, Meow Parlour Cats, Inc.