I, the adopter, agree to the following terms and provisions:

1. If this cat does not adapt to my home or I cannot keep the cat for any reason, I will contact Meow Parlour Cats to offer the animal back to the organization before relinquishing custody or possession of the animal to anyone else.

2. From the date of this contract, I agree to assume full responsibility for the veterinary care for this cat, including an annual examination and routine vaccinations and tests. I am aware that kittens adopted prior to 16 weeks of age may require additional vaccinations at my expense and I will be informed of them. I will keep the cat free of pests and parasites, including fleas & ticks.

3. The cat will be kept inside 100 percent of the time, except when being transported. When transport occurs, the cat shall be secured inside a pet carrier.

4. I will not declaw this cat.

5. I will provide the cat with sufficient quantities of nutritious food and fresh water each day.

6. I will keep the cat’s microchip registration up to date and will notify the microchip company of any change of contact information.

7. I agree to not abuse or neglect the cat and under no circumstances will physically punish the cat. Rather, I will consult with Meow Parlour Cats, a veterinarian, or trainer about the appropriate ways to deal with specific behavior problems.

8. If for any reason this cat is not fixed prior to the execution of this contract, I agree to take the cat to MPC, ASPCA, or ACC as directed by my adoption counselor for the surgery at no cost to me. I acknowledge that until this has been accomplished, my adoption is not complete and that Meow Parlour Cats has the right to and will reclaim the cat if not completed. I also understand that I have the right to take the cat to a private veterinarian for the spay/neuter surgery at my own expense and will provide a proof of the surgery to MPC to complete the adoption.

9. I understand that the adoption fee is non-refundable, except if the cat is returned within two weeks of the adoption date.

10. I will call the insurance provider within 24 hours of signing in order to secure 30 days of post adoption medical coverage.

11. I understand that this is a legal and binding contract and by my signature agree to all of the terms herein.

12. I confirm that all information given in this contract is correct and accurate. I also understand that once the contract is signed and I have taken possession of the animal, I will be solely responsible for any actions of this animal and I agree to hold harmless Meow Parlour Cats and its representatives from any liabilities, injuries or loss caused by this animal or any causes of actions, claims, suits or demands that arise from such injury, damages or losses. In the event the terms of this contract are breached, I, as the Guardian of this pet, shall owe Meow Parlour Cats the sum of $1000 for liquidated damages, and will be responsible for all attorneys fees and court costs involved, as well as returning the animal to Meow Parlour Cats.

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Meow Parlour Cats agrees to provide a cat that has been tested for FeLV/FIV, up to date on rabies and FVRCP vaccinations , dewormed, treated for eas/ticks, spayed or neutered, and microchipped. Documentation of vet history will be provided to adopter and adopter will be informed of any known history of medical or behavioral issues. Meow Parlour Cats does not make any warranty to the physical condition or temperament of the cat. The organization agrees to refund the adoption fee or, at the discretion of the organization, provide another cat without charge if the adopted animal is returned within two weeks of the adoption date.
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