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Meow Parlour Cats, Inc is a 501c(3) organization dedicated to working in tandem with New York's first Cat Cafe, Meow Parlour, to adopt out cats and to use our resources to create educational opportunities for the public to convert cat lovers into cat warriors.


We are a foster based rescue group. Our animals are sourced from NYC's Animal Care Centers. Our space serves as their foster home while our team works to find placement for all of the cats in our care. Guests are able to come in and interact with the cats in order to find the right cat for their lifestyle. In 2016, we fostered 97 cats - all of whom found homes. Since inception in 2014, we have dedicated our resources to helping some of the most underserved cats in NYC - cats with disabilities, shy cats, cats who don't do well in cages, black cats, and cats who just need someone fighting in their corner - and we are proud to share that every cat who has been through Meow Parlour has found a home. We believe that we can do even more. We are excited by our opportunity to use our platform to support animals beyond those in our immediate care through education.


Educating the Public

Nearly 100,000 unique visitors have come to Meow Parlour since inception. We have discovered that we have the great opportunity to share our wealth of knowledge through every day casual conversation. To stay up to date on the latest research, we invite leading industry experts to use our space to educate both our team and our fellow cat lovers. We use our resources and connections to get the message out to support community cats, help cats get adopted and to keep them in homes.


Help Our Cats

We use donations to customize our care for our harder to adopt cats, such as providing prescription food, buying new equipment for cats with disabilities, or to contribute to medical costs for cats in our care. Fanny & Nicky, pictured, were fostered at Meow Parlour before getting adopted this spring. The siblings had cerebellar hypoplasia and required an enclosure that was lined, a special litter box, daily baths, and twice as much food as our other cats.

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