Meow Parlour Cats

Meow Parlour Cats, Inc is a 501c(3) organization dedicated to working in tandem with New York's first Cat Cafe,
Meow Parlour, to adopt out cats and to use our resources to create educational opportunities
for the public to convert cat lovers into cat warriors.

Our space serves as their foster home while our team works to find placement for all of the cats in our care. Guests are able to come in and interact with the cats in order to find the right cat for their lifestyle. Since inception in 2014, we have dedicated our resources to helping over 600 cats find homes. This has included cats with physical disabilities, cats from unusual backgrounds, kittens raised since birth, and cats who need a special advocate in their corner due to their behavior.

With an incredible lifesaving investment by the Petco Foundation, starting in February 2018, we became our own rescue and adoption group. Through our New Hope Partnership with the Animal Care Centers of NYC and with the help of our dedicated staff and foster homes, we take in and adopt out 25-30 cats a month. In the 17 months since starting our own adoptions, we have placed over 250 cats and kittens into homes. We believe that we can do even more for not just the cats in our care, but cats everywhere. We are excited by our opportunity to use our platform to support animals beyond those in our immediate care through education.

Additional grants provided by the Petco Foundation have helped us launch a kitten nursery and train our team to provide better care for our foster cats while increasing our adoptions.


Educating the Public

Nearly 100,000 unique visitors have come to Meow Parlour since inception. We have discovered that we have the great opportunity to share our wealth of knowledge through every day casual conversation. To stay up to date on the latest research, we invite leading industry experts to use our space to educate both our team and our fellow cat lovers. We use our resources and connections to get the message out to support community cats, help cats get adopted and to keep them in homes.

#ThanksToMaddie, Meow Parlour has been able to bring Kitten Lady talks to NYC to educate people on how to help neonatal kittens. These talks are available to the public so that volunteers and employees at groups all over the tri-state area or people who are curious about learning more are able to connect to the information and each other in a helpful and supportive environment (and often surrounded by cats!). At our last event, 72% of attendees surveyed reported that they have never fostered kittens before and 35% said that they definitely will start fostering within the next 6 months, 31% said they are likely to foster, and 23% were unsure. We were ecstatic to find that we had reached an entirely new audience of people who wanted to learn how to get involved.

Also #ThanksToMaddie, Meow Parlour has been working with Beth Adelman, certified Cat Behavior Consultant, to help rescue organizations learn how to tackle behavior related issues that arise both with cats in our care and post-adoption.

In 2018, with an investment from the Petco Foundation, the Meow Parlour team was able to help organize Jackson Galaxy's Cat Camp. The funding was used to create an adoption space that housed 14 adoption groups and over 150 cats, many who were seniors or had special needs, and to provide educational seminars to the public to help cats everywhere. The topics included Trap-Neuter-Return programs, viruses that affect cats, and how fostering saves lives.


Help Our Cats

100% of the donations go towards helping cats. The majority of your donations go towards day to day care such as food and litter as well for our visiting veterinarian to come to our cafe for wellness checks on our cats. Some of the money is dedicated to our emergency medical fund to cover additional vet visits and to ensure that our cats are cared for in a timely manner. The cafe operates as a separate corporation and covers the cost of the rent and staffing, which ensures that all of your tax deductible donation goes either towards caring for cats or to helping bring educational programs to our audience.

Fanny & Nicky, pictured, are siblings with cerebellar hypoplasia that were fostered at Meow Parlour before getting adopted in 2017.

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Shelter Animals Count | The National Database Project
In 2018, we fostered 134 cats, had 125 adoptions, and had a 95.4% save rate.
In 2019 through May 31, we have 128 intakes and 101 adoptions so far with a 96.2% save rate.

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